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    Hello from australia

    Hello everyone,
    My name is George Fowell and I am a foodie person. I love to cook the food and interested in learning new recipes from different cultures this is my main motto to join here and learn some interesting recipes.

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    Re: Hello from australia

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    Re: Hello from australia

    Oh my, I am late to this... Hello and Welcome!

    I didn't realize that anyone had popped by.

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    Re: Hello from australia

    Welcome guys. One of the oldest restaurants in Sydney, Manjit’s Balmain has always been the go-to place for traditional North Indian cuisine.

    Manjit’s Indian Restaurant at Balmain has been around for more than 30 years. Having the distinction of being the oldest Indian restaurant in Sydney that is still running, the name Manjit’s is associated with excellence – in the departments of food, catering and event management.
    Indian Restaurants in Australia | Indian food in Australia

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