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    Hello there lookin good, nice clean lines
    I'm lookin forward to some tasty meals and sharing some recipes and tips,
    Though its gonna be a bit onesided for me cos I don't cook well but am hopin to learn some tricks from u guys
    I can bake though so pies, cakes and puddings from me,

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    That's okay, you know us, we are all about sharing and helping! We will turn you into a cook in no time Lucy!

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    I'm with Lucy, I'm not a cook but hopefully I can find some easy and yummy recipes to put into my rotation.

    Oh and it's jillh10 from EBN - I changed both of my names on each forum to "sheshistory"

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    Hello everyone.....Bella'sMom here. I like to cook and LOVE to bake. I have lots of great recipes to share. And I can't wait to get more to make.

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    Hey there! I am not much of a baker so you will have a lot to share for me.

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    hi, looking forward to being inspired in the kitchen too!

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    Re: Hiya

    Welcome aboard!

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