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Thread: Hey guys

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    Hey guys

    So, now that I finally have my internet and power restored, I am joining this site too. MMMM, I've read many recipies and I am STARVING!!! By the way , I am "Luvin My Bullie" on ebn....aka Chaos' mommy :manlove: Can't wait to post and try some of the recipies

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    Re: Hey guys

    Hi there it's gonna be tricky getting used to al these new names

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    Re: Hey guys

    Yes, I am forever lost!

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    I was wondering who you were! Glad you are back, we soooo missed you at EBN!
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    Re: Hey guys

    Welcome!! Yes it is gonna be tough getting use to all the namesthat is why I kept mine the same.

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    Re: Hey guys

    That's why I like being Lari or LariP wherever I am. Then I don't forget who I am. :p

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    Re: Hey guys

    I'll change mine to Lucy-licious! (if I can) like on EBN seeing as that kinda fits the food theme too and a lot of the new people around EBN possable don't remember me being Lucylambchop

    OOPS! No can't do that here can I we dont have the Bullybucks to spend on a new name
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