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Thread: Hi from WV

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    Hi from WV

    Hi my name is Tiffany, I love to cook and try new recipes. I stumbled on this forum and it looks like there are lots of yummy recipes on here. I had surgury last friday and I am off work for over a week, so I have had lots of free time lately to relax! kinda nice.. i have lots of great recipes from both sides of my family that I would love to share! excited to try some new one's, too!

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    Excuse my typos "surgery"!

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    Re: Hi from WV

    Welcome!!! Glad to have more recipes coming this way. Please let us know how you liked the ones that you do try also.

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    Re: Hi from WV

    Welcome Tiffany. Looking forward to the recipes you share. The ones you've posted so far look really yummy!

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    Thanks guys! I will let you know when I try some of them, lots of them sound yummy! That's cool that lots of the EBN, people are on here.. That's what brought me here..

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    Hi TiffanyB!! Can't wait to try all those yummy recipes of yours!
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    Re: Hi from WV

    Welcome Tiffany,.
    Glad to see you here keep stay here an keep sharing,.

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